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Water Systems / Water Purifiers

Vetted HVAC Services is extremely proud to offer the wide array of Kinetico water systems. We offer a free in-home consultation, water analysis and water system estimate.

Why choose Vetted HVAC Services for your water system?

Being from the Yorkton area, we know how hard the water can be. By calling Vetted HVAC Services, your Kinetico Experts, we can ensure softer water that looks, tastes and feels better. One call to us can help with longer-lasting clothes, fixtures and even saves you on the wear and tear of those expensive home appliances.

Vetted HVAC Services is big on preventative maintenance and having a home water system can greatly improve your family’s quality of life.

Call today and get started with a FREE estimate.

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We can provide expert 24 hour Emergency Service available to you 365 days a year for your all you’re Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) needs.

Call us now at +1 306-782-4588 Follow the prompt for Emergency service.

120 Years Experience

Combined, Vetted HVAC Services has 120 years in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC). We believe in quality customer service and are committed to ensuring our expertise is extended to every part of the process with us!

We are here when you need us to service both your residential and commercial properties!